Update your INFORAD

1. Login to your account,
2. Download and execute the latest version of Inforad Ci Manager,
3. Connect your Inforad Smart or Ci to your PC then follow the instructions on your screen.

INFORAD Services

INFORAD Ci & Smart (Ci, Smart) are not only the most complete speed camera warning systems in the market, they are also "hands-free" mobile phones:

Live updates subscription :

For only 2 euros per month*, enjoy :

Integrated mobile SIM card activation

Data sharing with all Inforad users (for example : live alerts)

Real time automatic danger zones updates

Unlimited mapping data updates :
Europe (Smart) or France, Belgium and Luxembourg (Ci)

GPS geolocation for emergency calls (112).

Free subscription to the phone pack (see details below).

Subscrition is open since the 28th of December via your customer account, tab Manage my subscription.

*24 euros per year.

Phone Pack

Included in the Live updates subscription, ideal for :

Receive text messages,

Receive phone calls hands-free,

Geolocated emergency calls

The phone pack allows you to receive phone calls and text messages straight on your Inforad.
Your Inford will have its own phone number and will work as a hands-free phone.
However you won't be able to receive the phone calls from your mobile phone number.

First time ?

In order to get the best from your INFORAD and download free updates, please subscribe: Subscribe
In case of problem, follow these instructions Quick Start Guide to register your Inforad

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